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S13: a ½” (13mm) diameter sonde for narrow ducts and conduits The S13 Super Small Sonde was made to be used for tracking the courses of nonmetallic pipes, ducts, sewers and drains, and in the exact place of blockages and collapses. Following industry trends, the S13 Silvia changed to relampable set headlights. In Japan, Nissan renamed the Gazelle as the Nissan 180SX, that has been exported mainly under the name Nissan 240SX The 180SX functioned as the junior company to the Fairlady ZX at Nissan Bluebird Store Japanese dealerships. As before, the Silvia was exclusive to Japanese dealerships called Nissan Prince Store alongside the Skyline. The Nissan Silvia used fixed headlights; whereas, the 180SX, only a hatchback version of the Silvia, introduced at the exact same time used pop-up headlights.

A Silvia convertible was briefly offered shortly after the beginning of creation, but it was never popular, possibly due to high price (3.25 million Yen in 1988), heavier curb weight, and chassis flex. The S13 was one of the first uses of Nissan's multi-link rear suspension, the technology of which was previewed in concept cars in previous years, including the Nissan MID4 It also offered a four-wheel steering system for the very first time, known as HICAS II.

But, the S13 chassis is already setup for an R33 cross-member, making an RB swap super easy. Some places over-seas the S13 coupe was called the Silvia”, and came with an entirely different front clip. The engine you will find under the hood of an S13 or S14 will vary greatly depending Track Car on where you live. But in spite of the inconsistent pricing, there's a difference in price between the S14 chassis and the S13. But generally speaking a running and driving S13 will bring in about $2-4K depending on the state.